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Effective date: 1st of January, 2019


Voicerace is here to provide visitors a free service, but also a possibility to purchase placement of their audio(s) on the website. We do not collect any unnecessary data. Here’s a list of what data we do collect:

  • your name (or alias, your band’s name, or any other form of title that is applicable)
  • description of your audio
  • URL of your website (or Facebook profile, band’s website, or any other website which is applicable here)
  • your photo (or a photo of your band, or an avatar)
  • an .mp3 file with your audio

In addition to these, we also keep record of payments on our website. These include following data:

  • Placement ID
  • User’s email
  • User’s first and last name
  • Price
  • Timestamp

All user-related data is internal and we do not offer it to any 3rd party company or website.

This website uses Google Analytics tool, which means that device- and location-related information will be collected by Google in order to get statistical information about usage of the website. Only Voicerace has access to this data and we do not offer it to 3rd party companies or websites.

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1. What information do we collect?

Your visits on this website are anonymous by default. We only collect your information only when you purchase placement on our website.

Our website uses Google Analytics tool, which means that Google collects device- and location-related information to provide us with statistics.

You can at any time request us to provide you with all information that we have about you. Please, write the request to if you wish to do so.

If you'd like us to remove all your user data, please refer to chapter "Account and user data removal" of our Terms and Conditions.

2. How do we use the information?

We use part of your information (which you provided to us while purchasing) for public purposes, so other users can see your content. The rest of the information (a small amount of data collected from our system) is used for internal practices when necessary, for example while troubleshooting issues which users reported to us.

We will keep all data until this website is officially closed, which means for at least 24 months.

3. How do we protect your data?

We do not store any sensitive data about our users, other than Paypal transaction details related to payments. This information is only for internal use and is not publicly available.

Whatever you input on our website is publicly available to everyone. Everything else is hidden and no party except ourselves has access to it.

4. What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to provide better user experience to registered users and to enhance user experience of all users. Specifically, we use cookies to make it easier and more user friendly to proceed through a purchase flow.

5. Do we offer user-related data to third parties?

Absolutely not.

6. Third party links

Occasionally, we may include or offer third party products or services on our website. These parties have independent privacy policies and we take no responsibility for the activities of these parties. Nevertheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our website and welcome any feedback about these sites.

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Changes to privacy policy

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